Does your cyber security chief have a hotline to the CEO?

It’s become a common theme, even in this blog, to say that one of the most effective ways to improve cyber security in your organisation is to focus on your people. In this case, the people I’m talking about are individual in charge of the organisation’s security and their access to the CEO.

Why? Because the nature of that relationship – the one between your organisation’s top executive and your CISO, CIO, IT head or whoever manages cyber security — is a critical enabler of the kind of resilient cyber security that will help you navigate the rough seas of your digital journey while ensuring that the journey is safe.

We highlighted this point in our "Cyber Resilience and Trust Report" published in February.

What we found is that while we keep hearing that cyber security is becoming a board-level issue, the reality is quite different. In fact, only about one-third (36 percent) of cyber security professionals have a direct reporting line to the CEO.

That’s a problem.

We believe organisations need to fundamentally rethink how they approach cyber security and one important aspect of this is how they do — or don’t — prioritise cyber security. And one way to priority security is be sure the cyber security leader can communicate directly with the CEO.

It’s the only way that cyber threat information and decision-making can move quickly up and down an organisation. It’s also the only way to provide the cyber security head with sufficient power to lobby for the transformational cyber security changes an organisation needs on both a tactical and strategic level.

About the author

Rabih Dabboussi is SVP-Sales, Marketing and Business Development at DarkMatter. 

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